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Mormon Parenting Secrets
"I highly recommend this book to any parent of any faith"
"I just read this, and though the title may say Mormon Parenting Secrets, believe me they apply to any parent regardless of religion. The author, Flint Stephens, lived next door to me when I was growing up in Johnstown, Ohio, and his sister is one of my best friends to this day. He writes frequently of his own parents, and parts made me laugh out loud since I knew them as a kid myself and I could quite easily envision the scene. 

"I remember Mrs. Stephens had no problems sending me out to their half-acre garden to weed or whatever with her kids, if my own mother had nothing for me to do. This book has some wonderful common sense approaches to raising thoughtful, industrious and kind children. It reminded me of some things from my own childhood that I would like to see instilled in my child. I highly recommend this book to any parent of any faith."
--S. Williams 
"Stephens shares time-tested methods for raising children that he learned from studying the lives of his ancestors. Tackling enduring issues like handling adversity, cultivating humility and gratitude and helping children choose to do what is right, Stephens applies the attitudes of yesteryear to help parents today.Stephens faces more modern parenting concerns head on. He deftly addresses pornography, substance abuse, the plague of entitlement and the role of gender helping parents apply timeless techniques to contemporary problems.

"This straightforward guidebook encourages parents to help children build a foundation in basic values like honesty, patience and modesty that will support and protect them as they go through life.

"Stephens' ideas are simple and commonsense. While the title touts these parenting secrets as “Mormon,” Stephens regularly reminds readers that successful parents come from all denominations and backgrounds. The book is a quick read with a positive and insightful look at parenting."
--The Deseret News
"The book is a quick read with a positive and insightful look at parenting"
"An excellent pick for any parenting collection, very much recommended"
"Parenting knows no faith, it just is. Mormon Parenting Secrets: Time-Tested Methods for Raising Exceptional Children is a parenting guide for any family as Flint Stephens applies a Mormon family philosophy and explains how any family can follow it by looking to the past, encouraging children to maximize their potential avoid spoiling, while encouraging modesty. Mormon Parenting Secrets is an excellent pick for any parenting collection. Very much recommended."
--The Midwest Book Review
"The methods for raising exceptional children given in Flint Stephens' book are really no secret (but I love the title anyway). I think they are what all good parents strive to teach their children, but easily forget in today's world filled with so much ease and distraction. His book is a 'must read' reminder of what's most important when raising children. Regardless of whether your children are toddlers or teens, the principles in this book are sound advice to follow.Unlike many parenting books that are long and philosophical, this one is an exceptional, easy-to-read gem. The personal experiences he shares throughout the book make it warm and inviting as well as easy to relate to ones own experiences. Thank you to Mormon Parenting Secrets for helping us all as we try to raise exceptional children." 
The "secret's" out
Very sound advice and a book MOST parents in this day and age need to read to be reminded of how to truly raise great people. My kids are better behaved then any I know, and I was able to put these idea's to use. Anyone with a child that is acting out or doing poorly in school and life should read this book. Not because it preaches to you, but gives sound advice that our ancestors were able to give their children without thought. No one will ever be a perfect parent, but having a handbook to remind us that work is sometimes better then play, and things should be earned, with real life situations on how to accomplish this, is exactly what a lot of parents need! Great people are no born, they are raised! 
"Sound advice on parenting and strategies to help raise successful children"
I had the pleasure of reading this book!! I totally agree with most of the "secrets," really just good old fashioned principles, as you say, like our grandparents knew. I love how you give lots of practical examples of teaching our children how important they are to the family and how the family doesn't work well if everyone doesn't do their part. This book is a treasure for your family and will be an inspiration to all parents to think about what they are doing to pass down great lessons and strong personal qualities to their children. An easy and enjoyable book to read and learn basic, yet extremely important lessons from. Thanks Flint 
for writing it!
--C. Barton

"This book is a treasure"