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Mormon Parenting Secrets
Mormon Parenting Secrets is written for parents of any religious faith or denomination. It contains practical methods and principles that will help parents and children.

The focus is on basic values and simple, common sense methods for effectively teaching them to children. There is no psychobabble and no clinical language. It is written in a easy-to-read style that anyone can understand.

  •   Discover parenting methods your grandparents understood.
  •   Teach children about responsibility and about work to ensure their success in any field.
  •  Help your children build basic values like honesty, humility, patience and   modesty.
  •  ​Deal effectively with challenges like entitlement and disrespect.
  • ​ Build shared experiences and overcome communication barriers.

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"Reading Mormon Parenting Secrets made me realize there is so much more to parenting than just preparing three meals and making sure no one gets injured in a day. The book teaches how we as parents have a responsibility to work with our children in teaching them correct principles and values. There is nothing wrong with assigning your children daily chores and instructing them how important it is to the family that these chores are done correctly. An easy read and packed with great information. We are going to start studying your book as a family."
--M. Christensen
Parenting is hard work. The author's writing is a great parenting resource for parents confronted with parenting challenges. Flint Stephens provides substantive parenting advice and parenting guidance. Although parenting presents many frustrations, successful parenting can also bring unmatched happiness and joy. By applying the parenting principles outline in Mormon Parenting Secrets, parents can help their children develop traits that will lead to success in their children's lives. The parenting experience is something for which most people have little preparation. This book provides common sense parenting ideas and parenting examples. Anyone who aspires to be a better parent can benefit from the parenting lessons outlined by Flint Stephens.