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Mormon Parenting Secrets
About Flint Stephens
Flint Stephens has worked as a journalist, an editor, an international business executive, and a financial adviser. He and his wife, Anette, have four children and seven grandchildren--so far. Their youngest child is 23 and attending college with his wife. Their three other children are all married with young children. Whatever stage of parenting you are currently experiencing, they have been there!

As their oldest children approached adolescence, they faced the same challenges as virtually all parents. They struggled to connect and to communicate with their children on many issues. They sought advice and help from experts but found no satisfying answers or viable solutions.

In coping with the parenting problems of modern society, they eventually found success by returning to the principles and examples set by their grandparents and great grandparents.

Flint and Anette are both lifelong members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, also known as the Mormon Church. Good parenting is not specific to any single religion, but members of the Mormon faith have long had a reputation for strong families. The emphasis on traditional values provides a framework that can help parents of any religious persuasion.. 
Parenting is hard work. The author's writing is a great parenting resource for parents confronted with parenting challenges. Flint Stephens provides substantive parenting advice and parenting guidance. Although parenting presents many frustrations, successful parenting can also bring unmatched happiness and joy. By applying the parenting principles outline in Mormon Parenting Secrets, parents can help their children develop traits that will lead to success in their children's lives. The parenting experience is something for which most people have little preparation. This book provides common sense parenting ideas and parenting examples. Anyone who aspires to be a better parent can benefit from the parenting lessons outlined by Flint Stephens.