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Mormon Parenting Secrets
If you have young children, teen-age children, grandchildren, or are just thinking about having children someday, you need to read this book!

The complexities of modern society make parenting more challenging than ever before. For parents struggling with problems like idleness, disrespect, anger, or other other challenges, this book may provide some solutions.

With the information provided, you can help your children become responsible, reliable, helpful, kind and more. It won't cost a lot of money and you don't need a degree in psychology. You do need to love your children and be willing to sacrifice time and effort--things you are probably already doing.
    “Today very few of our youth experience the consistent family-centered activities of earlier times. Urban living and modern transportation have made it easy for our youth to use their homes as boarding houses where they sleep and take an occasional meal but where there is little direction of their activities. Organized recreational activities and high-speed transportation draw young people away from parental supervision.”
--Elder Dallin Oaks
LDS Church Apostle, past president of Brigham Young University and a former Utah Supreme Court Justice

    “To teach our children to work is a primary duty of parenthood. Our children have experienced unprecedented prosperity created by parents who have worked hard to provide what they themselves did not have as youngsters. If we are to save our children temporally and spiritually, we must train them to work. They must learn by example that work is not drudgery, but a blessing.”
--J. Richard Clarke, LDS Church leader, May 1982

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Members of the LDS Church (Mormon) have long been recognized for strong family values. Mormon Parenting Secrets: Time-Tested Methods for Raising Exceptional Children contains basic parenting principles that people of any faith can utilize to more effectively connect with their children.

Author Flint Stephens explains that like most parents, he and his wife struggled with the parenting process. A fifth-generation Mormon, Stephens said that examining the parenting methods of his grandparents and great-grandparents revealed lessons he could employ to be a better father. He also writes about dealing with current problems like entitlement, pornography, substance abuse and more.

“Our ancestors didn’t read books or take courses on effective parenting,” Stephens said. “Yet most people would agree that they seemed to do it better than today’s adults. The reality is that they probably weren’t better parents, but the lifestyles and society that existed then were more conducive to helping children become responsible adults.”

Being a good parent remains a high priority among the majority of young adults, according to a 2011 Pew Research study on millennial generation adults (today’s 18- to 29-year-olds). By tapping into the principles outlined in his book, Stephens said he believes more parents can achieve that objective.

While the book draws heavily on LDS philosophy and teaching, readers from a wide range of backgrounds can relate to the principles and experiences described. 
"I like what author, Flint Stephens, had to add to the discussion on raising children. His thoughts are practical and needed, and for the most part, fit nicely with the principles of self-government, which I try to live. This statement by Stephens was probably one of my favorites in his book. I thought it fit perfectly with teaching children self-government, which after all, is the way they parented in the old days.

'Real parental power comes when children willingly decide to obey and heed the advice and counsel of their parents. This occurs when they love and trust their parents and innately understand that their parents' innermost desire is for their success and happiness.'"
--Nicholeen Peck
Author of 
Parenting A House United

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Parenting is hard work. The author's writing is a great parenting resource for parents confronted with parenting challenges. Flint Stephens provides substantive parenting advice and parenting guidance. Although parenting presents many frustrations, successful parenting can also bring unmatched happiness and joy. By applying the parenting principles outline in Mormon Parenting Secrets, parents can help their children develop traits that will lead to success in their children's lives. The parenting experience is something for which most people have little preparation. This book provides common sense parenting ideas and parenting examples. Anyone who aspires to be a better parent can benefit from the parenting lessons outlined by Flint Stephens.